World Health Day 2005

World Health Day 2005

‘Make Every Mother and Child Count’

As World Health Day 2005 focuses on mothers and children, pharmacists in the Commonwealth are being reminded of the important role they must play in partnership with other members of the health care team in advancing maternal and infant health.

Mrs. Grace Allen Young CPA President says that “pharmacists should not only recognise this Day, but also be committed to ensuring that child and women’s health issues receive attention throughout 2005 and beyond”.

The statistics given by the World Health Organization reflect that every year over five hundred thousand women die from causes related to pregnancy and some 10.6 million children die, many in the first month of their life.

Women are regular clients of the community pharmacist. Mrs. Allen Young states that “by encouraging women to seek and remain in medical care during pregnancy and over the months following delivery, pharmacists can assist in averting many of the risks of maternal mortality. By providing in-pharmacy health information on breast feeding, immunisation, and prevention of diarrhoea we can contribute to the health and well being of young children”.

The Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association salutes the work of the World Health Organization. The Association also calls upon its member associations to support national World Health Day activities and contribute to the health of mothers and children at the professional practice level by conveying health promotion messages and directing persons to other reliable sources of information.

Pharmacists care about mothers and children. Make Every Mother and Child Count!

E. Grace Allen Young
Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association

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