World Health Day

World Health Day

7 April 2006


The World Health Day 2006 theme – Working together for health recognises the human resource element of the partnership and collaboration to achieve health. The Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association (CPA) joins in the partnership in saluting health workers for their outstanding contribution to improving the quality of the life of populations around the world.

Pharmacists in the Commonwealth offer valuable service to their nations by dispensing medicines and providing information about the expected effects, maintaining vigilance on the quality of the medicines to minimise the usage of substandard products, as well as more advanced interventions such as pharmacy prescribing in some countries.

Research on the migration of pharmacists particularly from Commonwealth countries to more developed countries needs to be undertaken to a greater extent, so that the negative impact on health care outcomes can be adequately quantified. However, the pull factors are interpreted as, improved working conditions and remuneration, opportunity to pursue advanced studies, availability of jobs in the recruiting country and better job satisfaction.

In a health team the absence or reduced presence of pharmacists diminishes pharmaceutical care patients receive and thereby lessens the therapeutic outcomes they can derive from medicines.

CPA salutes the work of the World Health Organisation on World Health Day 2006, and urges its members in over 40 countries to support national activities that will advance the partnership and collaboration needed to improve health care around the world.

E. Grace Allen Young, D Pharm, CPP