World Antibiotic Awareness Week, 13th to 19th November 2017

World Antibiotic Awareness Week, 13th to 19th November 2017

World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2017

13th to 19th November 2017

Theme of WAAW 2017 – ‘Ask your healthcare professional before using antibiotics’.

As a pharmacist or pharmacy worker, are you prepared to give advice? What will you say? How will you play your part in protecting this precious resource?

CPA messages from around the Commonwealth

For WAAW we will be featuring some videos of our pharmacists  from around the Commonwealth who are leading the way in helping to tackle AMR. See them talking about how as health care professionals we need to be ready to give the right advice to our patients on use of antimicrobials.

CPA Message from Asia

Dr. Rao Vadlamudi
President, Indian Pharmaceutical Association
President, Commonwealth Pharmacists Association

CPA Message from Europe

Prof. Ashok Soni
President, Royal Pharmaceutical Society
Hon. Treasurer, Commonwealth Pharmacists Association

CPA Message from the Americas

Allyson Pouchet
Vice President, Pharmaceutical Society of Trinidad & Tobago

CPA Message from Africa

Boitumelo Ntsoane
Director, Hospital Sector, Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa

CPA Message from our Regional Representative in Africa

Flandrie Habyarimana
President, Rwanda Community Pharmacists Union
Regional Representative for Eastern & Southern Africa, Commonwealth Pharmacists Association

World Antibiotic Awareness Week Message from Mauritius

The Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius

World Antibiotic Awareness Week Message from the Pacific

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society

Get Committed and become an Antibiotic Guardian

Get Committed and become an Antibiotic Guardian

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Antibiotics and AMR interview for the Indian Government TV Channel Doordarshan Sahyadri (language Marathi)

Manjiree Gharat
Vice President and Chairperson (Community Pharmacy Division), The Indian Pharmaceutical Association

Article on Antibiotics in the Loksatta Indian Express - by Manjiree Gharat

How can YOU as an individual help protect antibiotics?

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Need some ideas for running your own campaign?

Watch our recent second AMR Webinar which we have made available to all non members for the month of November, and for members only thereafter. Here we discuss with adviser Dr Diane Ashiru-Oredope what is happening around the Commonwealth for you to get some ideas of resources that you and your member organisations or work places can use to adapt for your own campaigns.

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Summary of activities in some of our member countries from discussions in AMR Webinar 2

  • Great Britain – The Royal Pharmaceutical Society have created an Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Campaign that encourages antibiotics to be used only when necessary. This is linked to the UK target to reduce inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics by 50% by 2020. Through this campaign the RPS aim to raise awareness of the role of pharmacists across all sectors of the profession in AMR.

  • Rwanda – The Community Pharmacists’ Union plans to produce and distribute a documentary video message on AMR to places of practice and policy makers. It is also committed to research on AMR and raising awareness by discussing AMR on talk shows in media houses, distributing flyers and hosting an AMR walk in the City of Kigali.

  • Trinidad and Tobago – The Pharmaceutical Society of Trinidad and Tobago is committed to raise awareness amongst the pharmacy profession about their role as antimicrobial stewards through educational workshops. As well as lobbying for policy to support tackling AMR, they are also actively recruiting pharmacists to be antimicrobial stewards, raising awareness amongst other health care professionals at team meetings and the public through campaigns, health fairs and media releases.

  • Mauritius – General guidelines for antibiotic prescribing have now been produced by the Ministry of Health and the Pharmaceutical Association of Mauritius is working up their campaign materials for WAAW 2017.

  • Sri Lanka – Like many other lower middle income countries, Sri Lanka is raising awareness of how appropriately trained and qualified pharmacists can make a difference in community pharmacies. Pharmacists are able to advise on and monitor appropriate prescribing, raise awareness of appropriate antibiotic use, ensure appropriate dispensing and supply, advise on possible side effects and council patients requesting or receiving antibiotics.

  • India – The Indian Pharmaceutical Association have been very active in campaigns to raise awareness of AMR, including creation of posters, the use of a mobile tabloid and presence on TV talk shows. They continue campaigns this WAAW at retail pharmacy level with surveys, seminars and promotional materials. They are also organising lecture programmes in schools.

  • Fiji – The Fiji Pharmaceutical Society have been liaising closely with the appointed AMR project officer at the Ministry of Health, who is a pharmacist. AMR has formed a key component of their conferences and was chosen as the major theme this year. Their current areas of focus are: vaccination from pharmacies, better hygiene awareness, stewardship programme in community pharmacies and pharmacists being involved in patient education through media platforms.

This excellent video from The Global Respiratory Infection Partnership (GRIP) shows how pharmacists can work with patients to encourage appropriate use of antibiotics

courtesy of World Self-Medication Industry (WSMI)

This 2nd video from The Global Respiratory Infection Partnership (GRIP) also describes the problem of antibiotic resistance and superbugs.

courtesy of World Self-Medication Industry (WSMI)

Learn what antibiotic resistance is, the risks and consequences of antibiotic resistance and how to help prevent it, in this video from Health Canada

Become an Antibiotic Guardian

Become an Antibiotic Guardian

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