World AIDS Day 2005

World AIDS Day 2005

“Pharmacists are keeping the promise”

The Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association’s Ocho Rios Statement on the Role of the Pharmacists in the Prevention and Management of HIV/AIDS elaborates the public health role that pharmacists can play as individual practitioners, through national associations and by collaborating with Ministries of Health and other stakeholders.

Pharmacists as valuable members of the multi-professional health care team are one of the first sought by patients, and the last one with whom they interact if a prescription is received.

On this World AIDS Day 2005, pharmacists throughout the Commonwealth are urged to ‘keep the promise’ to their patients by strengthening the patient-pharmacist relationship. This is achieved through listening to patients, providing advice on medicines, participating in the fight against stigma and discrimination associated with the disease and encouraging patient concordance with prescribed treatment regimes

Pharmacy associations must ‘keep the promise’ by ensuring their representation on national decision-making bodies and should collaborate with academic institutions and the pharmaceutical industry to kept abreast of information on the most recent medicines approved for the treatment of the disease.

Patients please know that your pharmacist cares!

The Ocho Rios Statement empowers pharmacists to ‘Keep the promise’!

E. Grace Allen Young, DPharm, MRPharmS, CPP
Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association