The CPA's Staff

  • Victoria Rutter, Executive Director

    Victoria Rutter

    Executive Director

  • Chloe Tuck, International Projects Lead

    Chloe Tuck

    International Projects Lead

  • Amy Chan, Professional Development and Research Lead

    Amy Chan

    Professional Development and Research Lead

  • Sarah Cavanagh, International Partnerships Lead

    Sarah Cavanagh

    International Partnerships Lead

  • Diane Ashiru-Oredope, Global AMR Lead

    Diane Ashiru-Oredope

    Global AMR Lead

  • Kate Woode, Fundraising and Marketing Lead

    Kate Woode

    Fundraising and Marketing Lead

  • Tatiana Hardy, Senior Administrator

    Tatiana Hardy

    Senior Administrator

  • Winnie Nambatya, Technical Advisor for Uganda

    Winnie Nambatya

    Technical Advisor for Uganda

  • Omotayo Olaoye, Global AMR Intern

    Omotayo Olaoye

    Global AMR Intern

  • Ayodeji Matuluko, Global AMR Intern

    Ayodeji Matuluko

    Global AMR Intern

  • Roisin McMenamin, Global AMR Intern

    Roisin McMenamin

    Global AMR Intern

  • Wei Ping Khor, Global AMR Intern

    Wei Ping Khor

    Global AMR Intern