Fellows of the CPA

of the CPA

Meet our Fellows

Here at the CPA we value those who have worked hard to support us and have created a new fellowship category in recognition. We are delighted to introduce our first ever CPA Fellows whose work has made an outstanding contribution to the progression of Pharmacy across the Commonwealth.

  • Roger Odd,

    Roger Odd

  • John Bell,

    John Bell

  • Dr Bhojraj Suresh,

    Dr Bhojraj Suresh

  • Mary Ann Sant Fournier,

    Mary Ann Sant Fournier

  • Raymond Anderson,

    Raymond Anderson

  • Ivan Kotzé,

    Ivan Kotzé

  • Nkwenti Davidson Achu,

    Nkwenti Davidson Achu

  • Lorraine Osman,

    Lorraine Osman

  • John Chang,

    John Chang

Guidelines and application form for CPA Fellowship Nominations

Fellowship is obtained though a nomination process outlined in the following document. Those granted fellowship shall be referred to as a ‘Fellow of the CPA’, denoted by the post-nominals ‘FCPA’.

If you would like to nominate someone for a CPA Fellowship please fill in the below form and email back to admin@commonwealthpharmacy.org.

The closing date for this year’s applications is 30th April 2018.