COVID-19 Resources For Pharmacy Teams

Resources For Pharmacy Teams

Message from CPA President

Dr Rao Vadlamudi

Dear Colleagues and friends,

I am writing to you to offer my encouragement and support in the coming months ahead. We are living in unprecedented times amidst the worst global health crisis we have seen in any of our own life times. Many pharmacists will be front line staff in this crisis and provide care to the populations affected by the Covid-19 pandemic either directly or indirectly by providing reassurance, advice and helping to protect our vulnerable. Some of you will be asked to fulfill roles above and beyond your normal lines of duty and many of us will be living and working in difficult circumstances, juggling our professional and family commitments. Your efforts and contributions to tackling this major global health threat do not go unrecognized.

We are not alone and we stand with our pharmacy colleagues and the wider health workforce throughout the Commonwealth with the aim of protecting and saving lives. We hope our organization will be able to act as a network of support during the challenging days, weeks and months ahead.

Wishing you and your loved one’s health and safety for the journey ahead.

Best regards,

Dr. Rao V.S.V. Vadlamudi
Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA)

Share with us: COVID-19 survey

Assessing Pharmacy Profession contribution so far across the Commonwealth

Please complete this short survey to improve our understanding on:
* what issues are affecting pharmacy professionals’ ability to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic,
* how pharmacy professionals and professional bodies are responding to the pandemic and
* what support you believe would be helpful from the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association or other pharmacy bodies

The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Survey Link