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AMR Webinar 1

On Thursday 13th July 2017, Dr. Diane Ashiru-Oredope (CPA Advisor and Pharmacist Lead, AMR Programme, Public Health England) joined our Executive Director Victoria Rutter to host our very successful first AMR webinar.

Representatives from Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Nepal, Trinidad & Tobago and Sierra Leone contributed to a very informative and interesting discussion around how pharmacists have been involved in tackling AMR in their own countries.

Watch AMR Webinar 1 here.

AMR Webinar 2

World Antibiotic Awareness Week (13-19 Nov 2017) provided an excellent opportunity to engage with healthcare professionals and the public to tackle AMR. Pharmacy teams (both individuals and organisations) have a key role in increasing awareness and promoting better use of antibiotics.

In our second AMR Webinar we discuss with adviser Dr Diane Ashiru-Oredope what has been happening around the Commonwealth to give some ideas of resources for individuals, member organisations and work places to use and adapt for their own campaigns.

Watch AMR Webinar 2 here.

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Antibiotic Resistance


It is shocking to think that by 2050 as many people are predicted to be dying of infections as cancer if antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is not tackled now. On the 21st September 2016, 193 countries of the United Nations agreed a landmark declaration to rid the world of superbugs. Without urgent action it is conceivable that simple infections could soon become entirely untreatable with existing drugs.

Experts predict that this global commitment could prevent 700,000 deaths a year. The Commonwealth now has their own Policy Brief on AMR, and in the two years that have been allotted to reporting back with an action plan in response to the United Nations declaration there is a need to work together in the collaborative spirit of the Commonwealth to ensure that these action plans are not only well thought out and effective but fully engage health care professionals and the public on the ground to maximize success, ensuring action follows commitment.

A global action plan on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) was endorsed at the World Health Assembly in May 2015. This plan aims to ensure that the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases with safe and effective medicines continues, based on five strategic objectives:

  • To improve awareness and understanding of AMR

  • To strengthen surveillance and research

  • To reduce the incidence of infection

  • To optimize the use of antimicrobial medicines

  • To ensure sustainable investment in countering antimicrobial resistance

The CPA is working in partnership with governments and other organizations to increase engagement on the ground, particularly around objectives one and four above, in order to support member organization to tackle AMR in their own countries.

Antibiotic Guardian

The CPA, in collaboration with our member organizations, has been working to increase awareness of AMR since July 2016 by widely publicizing through our networks the Antibiotic Guardian initiative that was begun in England to encourage people to commit to better use of antimicrobials (see attached for example).  Antibiotic Guardian Pledges are grounded in the behavior change theory, acting as a driver to improve behaviors around antibiotic prescribing and antibiotic use. As 5th October 2016, there were 33066 Antibiotic Guardians, and since July 111 pledges have been made as a direct result of engagement of member organizations by the CPA. Antibiotic Guardian encourages everyone to do something, whether we are healthcare professionals who can think twice before prescribing antibiotics, patients who can ensure that they take medicines correctly or members of the public that will commit to hand hygiene.


CPA Councillors who have pledged:

  • Raymond Anderson, CPA President (Northern Ireland)

    Raymond Anderson

    CPA President (Northern Ireland)

  • Dr Rao Vadlamudi, CPA Vice President (India)

    Dr Rao Vadlamudi

    CPA Vice President (India)

  • Ashok Soni, CPA Treasurer (Great Britain)

    Ashok Soni

    CPA Treasurer (Great Britain)

  • Nancy Ho, CPA Pacific Regional Representative (Malaysia)

    Nancy Ho

    CPA Pacific Regional Representative (Malaysia)

  • Warren Meek, CPA Councillor (Canada)

    Warren Meek

    CPA Councillor (Canada)

  • Khalid Saeed Bukhari, CPA Councillor (Pakistan)

    Khalid Saeed Bukhari

    CPA Councillor (Pakistan)

  • Dr Nkwenti Achu, CPA Councillor (Cameroon)

    Dr Nkwenti Achu

    CPA Councillor (Cameroon)


Others who have pledged from around the Commonwealth:

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  • Vicotria Rutter, CPA Executive Director (Great Britain)

    Vicotria Rutter

    CPA Executive Director (Great Britain)

  • Tatiana Hardy, CPA Senior Administor (Great Britain)

    Tatiana Hardy

    CPA Senior Administor (Great Britain)

  • Sharon Jobity, Pharmacist (Trinidad & Tobago)

    Sharon Jobity

    Pharmacist (Trinidad & Tobago)

  • Dr Esam Suliman,

    Dr Esam Suliman

  • Gaurav Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy (India)

    Gaurav Kumar Sharma

    Assistant Professor, Pharmacy (India)

  • Jayantha Gamhewa, (Sri Lanka)

    Jayantha Gamhewa

    (Sri Lanka)

  • Peter Bai James, (Sierra Leone)

    Peter Bai James

    (Sierra Leone)

Check out “The Evolution of Bacteria on a "Mega-Plate" Petri Dish” from Harvard Medical School

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Antimicrobial Stewardship (AMS) Portal

This ‘toolkit’ signposts users to resources and information that promotes learning about microbiology and antimicrobial stewardship. This resource has been collaboratively developed by the CPA, Royal Pharmaceutical Society and University College London, and funded by Health Education England North Central and East London.

  • AMR is today’s problem and it needs to be top of everyone’s agendas. This is not an easy issue to solve; increasing awareness of AMR and optimizing the use of antibiotics are only part of the solution, but everyone can all a play a part, no matter how small.

  • The Commonwealth spirit would encourage us to commit to work together and share the tools, resources and expertise that we have to support all our nations in developing and delivering an effective action plan to tackle this issue.