Raymond Anderson

Raymond is a trustee, fellow, and patron of the CPA. He has served as President of this organization. While President he helped restructure the organisation into what it is today. He is a community pharmacist for over 40 years and has supported the development of the profession to become more patient-facing, using a pharmacist’s clinical […]

Nkwenti Davidson Achu

Nkwenti Davidson Achu is a community pharmacist, Proprietor of Plaza Pharmacy Bamenda, Northwest Region, Cameroon and vice president emeritus of CPA. He Spearheaded the enrolment of the Pharmaceutical Society of Cameroon (PSC) into the CPA. With his extensive experience, he acts as a liaison between PSC and CPA to realize CPA ideologies in Cameroon and […]

Lorraine Osman

Lorraine Osman spent many years in academia, where she learned about the value of combining pharmacy practice with education. She then spent 23 years working for the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa, where she learned about the value of communication and support for all pharmacists. When representing the CPA internationally, she was privileged to meet […]

Ivan Kotze

Ivan Kotze served as regional representative for the Southern and Eastern Africa region for many years. Ivan was then elected as CPA President and served for two terms in this position.