Junia Walcott

Junia is the CPA Regional Representative for Americas.

Mary Anne Ciappara

Mary Anne Ciappara is a pharmacist and CPA Regional Representative for Europe. Mary Anne has been actively involved with the CPA since 1988, when she formed part of the Maltese delegation at the CPA regional workshop on Pharmacy Education and Practice in the UK. Mary Anne is a Council Member of the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists […]

Ejiro Oyovwin Foyibo

Ejiro Foyibo is a community pharmacist and a strong advocate of capacity building of pharmacists. She is a CPA Regional Representative for Western Africa. She obtained her B. Pharm and Pharm. D, both from the University of Benin, Nigeria. She is also a Fellow of the West Africa Post Graduate College of Pharmacists. She is […]

Nancy Ho

After graduating in Pharmacy at Otago University in New Zealand, Nancy Ho went to Sabah, Malaysia, to serve at Hospital Pharmacy and Government Procurement and Distribution Centre for Medical Supplies. She started her own Community Pharmacy chain of three pharmacies, has been President of the Sabah and Malaysian Pharmaceutical Societies, engaged in several Governmental and […]

Moses Mukosha

Moses Mukosha holds appointments as CPA councillor for Zambia and regional representative for Eastern & Southern Africa. He has extensive experience as a academic pharmacist and a community pharmacist. He brings to the CPA his vast academic experience and leadership qualities that he has developed over the 13 years he served in the Hospital Pharmacists […]

Anri Hornsveld

Anri is a registered pharmacist since 2007. She has worked in independent community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy before joining the Pharmaceutical Society of South Africa (PSSA) in August 2009. She was at the PSSA for 7 years before joining the pharmaceutical industry for 3 years. Anri returned to the PSSA in 2019. Anri has a […]

Andrew McLachlan

Andrew McLachlan AM is the Head of School and Dean of the Sydney Pharmacy School, University of Sydney. He is actively involved in teaching and research. Prof McLachlan serves on national committees related to research ethics, medicines regulations and safety and antidoping.