Oisín Kavanagh

Oisín is a pharmacist and Lecturer in Pharmaceutics at Newcastle University School of Pharmacy. Oisín joined Newcastle University as a lecturer in 2021. Prior to this, he studied Pharmacy at the University of Ulster where he spent his summers working on supramolecular probes and therapeutics for melanoma in Professor Callan’s group. At graduation, he received […]

Leloko Nkoe

Leloko Nkoe is a determined health professional who has been courageous to improve the status of pharmacy profession in Lesotho. His strength is mainly in disseminating important information either to educate or change perspective. He has given health talks on radios and digital platforms like Facebook. He was once a president of the National University […]

Ms. Joshila Lal

Joshila Lal is a senior lecturer at Fiji National University College She holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Monash University and a Masters in International Relations & Diplomacy from the University of Fiji and is currently completing her Master’s in Education. She is an executive board member of Fiji Pharmaceutical Society and has also served […]

Louis Masunga Munyenyembe

Louis Masunga Munyenyembe is a qualified and registered pharmacist from Malawi. He is currently working with the Kamuzu University of Health Sciences (KUHES) as a pharmacovigilance project coordinator at its Pharmacovigilance center housed within the university’s campus. He is also serving as an executive member in the Pharmaceutical Society of Malawi (PHASOM) council where he […]

Dr Eugene Conteh

Pharm. Dr. Eugene Conteh has extensive experience as an educator. He is currently the acting Head of Department, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, University of Sierra Leone, the only Pharmacy School in the country. He holds an MBA degree and an M.Sc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and is currently pursuing his PhD. […]

Kwabena Asante Offei

Kwabena Offei has extensive experience in government affairs, policy and external affairs. With his background in law and masters degree in economic policy management, Kwabena is efficient at engaging with varied stakeholders with a view to ensuring improved and unhindered access to quality healthcare for the people in the regions where he works. Kwabena is […]

Mary Patrick Kisima

Mary Patrick Kisima is a registered pharmacist by the Pharmacy Council of Tanzania with five years of Experience in Hospital Pharmacy Services. She is the General Secretary of Tanzania Association of Women in Pharmacy Profession. Mary is an active member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzania (PST) and she is the Vice Chairperson of the […]

Dr Jonans Tusiimire

Dr Jonans Tusiimire is a member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda where he serves as vice president and chair of the education and grants committee. He is also the deputy dean faculty of medicine at Mbarara University of Science and Technology and a senior lecturer in the Department of Pharmacy. A Jubilee Commonwealth Scholar, […]

Dr Jimmy M. Hangoma

Jimmy is a Clinical Pharmacist and a Management Expert. He is specialized in General Pharmacotherapy with a bias in Obstetrics & Gynaecology. He has over 12 years of experience in clinical practice, lecturing, research, and mentorship. He is very passionate about the quality of health care services. With this extensive experience, Jimmy as a Councillor […]

Bandana Saini

Professor Saini works at The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. She has led, supervised, and collaborated in research in international settings, including Cambodia, Finland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, with an interest to develop and evaluate primary care health models for respiratory disease in varied health systems and socio-cultural settings. These wide-ranging experiences […]