Keith Ndlovu

Keith Ndlovu pioneer of antimicrobial stewardship at Mutare Provincial hospital. participated in the World Health Organization Point Prevalence Survey 2021 for Zimbabwe.

Mtetwa Kudzai Wilson

Dr Mtetwa Kudzai Wilson works at Mpilo central hospital in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. He is a pharmacist. He leads the pharmacy department at his hospital for policy implementation on quality assurance. He is a site champion for the commonwealth pharmacist association at his hospital. His personal philosophy is if it is done well at first, it […]

Anup Luitel

Anup Luitel is a licensed pharmacist currently working as an assistant professor at the department of pharmacy, Kathmandu University. He has extensive experience in pharmaceutical-related research and project management. He is actively engaged in national and international pharmacy-related organisations.

Gita Paudel

Gita Paudel is very hard working and enthusiastic to take new challenges. She has a profound interest in research-based work and is keen to learn and participate in workshops, seminars, and conferences to upscale her interest in the field of research.

Prudence Ceb’sile Gwebu

Prudence Gwebu is a pharmacist by profession with vast technical experience in infection control and antimicrobial use. Prudence uses her experience and knowledge of public health to drive antimicrobial stewardship activities through the AMS committee. She is involved in ongoing surveillance and research which is paramount for the implementation of interventions that improve antimicrobial prescribing […]

Ugyen Tashi

A driven professional with a demonstrated record of achievements, Ugyen Tashi is currently leading the Essential Medicines & Technology Division at MoH, Bhutan. He started his career as a hospital pharmacist at Regional Referral Hospital, Mongar, and recognizing his outstanding services, he was later transferred to lead the procurement division at MoH. Till date, he […]

Delfim Cost Ferrira

Delfim has extensive experience in project management and combined this with his technical expertise to deliver projects at the CPA. Delfim is a former President Association of Pharmacies and now working with the Ministry of Health as National Director of Pharmacy and Medicines. He also had conducted numbers research and consultants with national and international […]

Jeevan Dhanarisi

Mr. Dhanarisi possess the necessary qualifications, experience and character to be included into this post. In addition, he brings with a vast knowledge in research methodology which he acquired through his association with internationally acclaimed researchers and for the last few years he has engaged with the Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka.

Md. Abdur Rahman

Md. Abdur Rahman has extensive experience in the design and development of different clinical medicines, particularly antibiotics. As an ICC of Bangladesh, he is committed to collaborating with the CPA in advancing healthcare systems, especially in creating a positive change in the antimicrobial usage pattern.

Donovan Dube Jr

Donovan Dube Jr is a community pharmacist and consultant who is passionate about patient-centered care. I am also an advocate for Continuous Professional Development for Pharmacy professionals and do so through mybrole as CPD lead for the Kingdom of Eswatini Pharmacy Association.