Roll Back Malaria 2005

Roll Back Malaria 2005

The Roll Back Malaria theme for 2005 is “Unite Against Malaria”. In support of this theme CPA is encouraging member organisations to plan events and activities to mark Africa Malaria Day, focusing on the theme “Pharmacists – Partnering with Communities”.
Member Activities

Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzania

Thanks to members of the Pharmaceutical Society of Tanzania (PST), children at a Dar-es-Salaam orphanage will rest a little easier. Members donated 50 nets and participated in the insecticide treatment of nets, both old and new. After donating equipment for cutting tall grass and rakes for clearing the environment, members soon put this equipment to good use. PST also distributed T-shirts with malaria prevention and treatment compliance messages to members of the media, as part of their “Pharmacists in the Fight Against Malaria” Campaign.

Cameroon Pharmacists Promote Malaria Awareness

Africa Malaria Day has become an important annual event in Cameroon. In the North West Province, pharmacists are actively involved with malaria prevention and treatment in their communities. Using radio and television broadcasts, pharmacists counselled patients, interviewed public health officials and discussed how pharmacists can play a vital role in promoting the use of insecticide-treated bed nets and encouraging early treatment, to help combat malaria.