Presidents Message from Commonwealth Pharmacy Day 2009

Presidents Message from Commonwealth Pharmacy Day 2009

A Celebration of 60 Years of the Commonwealth

The world today is very different to that of 1949 when the Commonwealth as we know it was established.

In separate ways political, economic and social conditions have impacted on health matters as well as the strains arising from a significant increase in population. The challenge is enhanced by the financial demands of healthcare particularly in those countries with low GDP and high levels of morbidity due to recurrent or chronic conditions particularly malaria and HIV/AIDS.

We may, if we are astute, use the experiences of the past, where appropriate, and apply them in beneficial ways in our plans for professional development. However, it is also apparent that we can anticipate unexpected or unfamiliar issues which could challenge us in the future. We might improve our response to both the expected and unexpected by giving consideration to a range of possible scenarios based on well informed assessments and establish appropriate priorities for meeting them.

Interaction within the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA) and use of CPA’s links with other Commonwealth or pharmacy organisations should be among valued resources used in promoting our professional capacity, impact and practice. The pace of change is such that our perspective cannot extend to another 60 years. However we might take a view of prospects over the period until the Commonwealth celebrates its 75th Anniversary.

CPA is encouraging its member organisations and its members to make a submission on what they feel will emerge to have an impact on health care directly or indirectly relating to pharmacy by 2025. A prize will be awarded to the member organisation or member sending in the best submission.

Full details can be downloaded here: 2025 Vision for Pharmacy (PDF)

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Establishing a future programme based on considered priorities is an important activity for CPA. The input from members directly or through regional representatives is important so please make your views known. I look forward to receiving your contributions.

Ivan Kotzé
CPA President