Pharmacists are Frontline Providers

Pharmacists are Frontline Providers

3rd March, 2005

“As frontline healthcare providers, pharmacists throughout the Commonwealth dispense medicines and offer information and care to all members of their communities,” says Grace Allen Young, President of the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association (CPA), “and this especially applies in relation to the resurgence of Tuberculosis worldwide.”

Mrs Allen Young believes promoting public awareness of tuberculosis (TB) and how it can be treated is a vital role for pharmacists. With over one third of the world’s population currently infected with the TB bacillus, CPA pharmacists are called upon to promote a greater awareness of TB symptoms, how TB can be treated and how to minimise transmission of this infectious disease.

The spread of HIV infection, not only in Africa but also within Eastern Europe, has led to rapid increases in the incidence of TB. Co-existing with HIV there is an increased likelihood of mortality from tuberculosis, as the weakened immune system increases susceptibility to the bacillus.

CPA’s World Stop TB Day campaign for 2005 uses poster messages to encourage consumers to talk with their community pharmacist about persisting symptoms such as coughing, fever and night sweats. TB is curable if treatment is commenced early. Community pharmacists can refer concerned customers to their nearest TB clinic for testing and treatment. CPA member organisations from throughout the Commonwealth will take part in the campaign.

CPA in collaboration with the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation and the Indian Pharmaceutical Association will launch its TB Fact Card and TB Patient Support Project in Mumbai, India on World Stop TB Day.

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