Partnerships Reinforce Global and Community Efforts in TB/HIV Management

Partnerships Reinforce Global and Community Efforts in TB/HIV Management

According to WHO Director-General Dr Lee Jong-wook, Tuberculosis (TB) can be cured and HIV managed with effective treatment.

The Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association (CPA) and the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) have recently issued a Joint Statement on TB/HIV. The Statement, “Partnerships – Key to Improving Health Outcomes for Tuberculosis/HIV Patients”, highlights the advantages of early diagnosis and treatment when partnered with on-going support from healthcare providers, in achieving effective health outcomes. Launched in May 2004 during the Commonwealth Health Ministers Meeting in Geneva by the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Head of Health, Dr Dula De Silva, CPA President Mrs Grace Allen Young and IPSF President Mr Simon Bell, the Statement encourages pharmacists and pharmacy students to be more proactive in the prevention and management of both TB and HIV and to partner and support sufferers over their long course of treatment.

Presidents of both organizations agreed that promotion of voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) was the important first step towards improved outcomes for sufferers of TB/HIV. “Thirteen million people around the world are co-infected with TB and HIV but many millions more are unaware of their health status”, said Mrs Allen Young, “we must promote and support collaboration between organizations at the national and regional levels to increase public awareness of VCT. Pharmacists, as accessible community health professionals have a vital role to play not only as medication providers but as community health educators,” she said.

“IPSF is looking forward to working with CPA on joint participation in World Tuberculosis Day and World Aids Day,” said IPSF President Simon Bell, “our combined membership will assist us to target our message to the most vulnerable groups in the most vulnerable communities,” he said.

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