Launch of the CPA Global Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Platform

Launch of the CPA Global Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Platform

Commonwealth Pharmacists Association Launches the global Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Platform

Pharmacists are fundamental to healthcare delivery and have stepped up to the challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has also highlighted that digital communications as well as education and training are fundamental for pharmacists and pharmacy services to continue to develop and deliver healthcare. To help capacity building and deliver educational programs the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association (CPA) launch their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) platform for pharmacists across the Commonwealth – London, UK, November 24 2020

The CPD platform delivers a CPA charitable aim that is ‘to share knowledge and educational resources in order to continually develop the knowledge and skills of the pharmacy profession throughout the commonwealth’.

The platform launches the Antimicrobial Stewardship Programme (AMS), with content developed by the CwPAMS programme, Funded by the UK aid Fleming Fund to tackle antimicrobial resistance (AMR) globally, more information about this successful partnership here. Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is recognised as global threat and pharmacists can play a bigger role to help raise AMR through AMS programmes. The CPA worked in collaboration with Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia (PSZ), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Pharmaceutical Association (SVGPA Inc) and the Kingdom of Eswatini Pharmaceutical Association (KEPA) to help develop a platform that was specifically designed for low- and middle-income (LMIC) nations.

The intuitive design features of the platform make it accessible on any device and at any time to work through bite-size modules. A user dashboard tracks individual progress and achievements, in addition member organisations have designated secure access to areas for adding content.

“The CPA had a vision to create a CPD platform developed by pharmacists, for pharmacists, to impact global pharmacy practice. Access to the CPA CPD platform will mean accessing high quality content that pharmacists can directly apply to their everyday practice. Delivering this vision has been a truly collaborative effort and I am immensely proud of the commitment from everyone involved. I look forward to introducing this fantastic benefit to all CPA members.”

Manjula Halai, Membership & Engagement Lead, CPA

“The CPD platform is extremely important for PSZ as it will enhance the quality of care that patients and clients receive. The development is welcome and good news for our executive and the membership. We are very much looking forward to numerous benefits that include sharpening up skills and enhancing the level of knowledge. We hope that this platform will allow both the practical and academic qualifications, sometimes earned many years ago from pharmacy school, not to be outdated. This platform will allow our members to identify any knowledge gaps and fill that gap with relevant content and modules. The CPD platform will not only increase overall competency of our members but ultimately enhance self-development and professionalism. This CPD platform will prepare pharmacists for the ever-changing pharmacy landscape and place the Zambian pharmacist in line with the emerging and current trends in global practice.

I am very thankful to the CPA for the development of this platform. I envisage, both the quality of patient care and the depth of healthcare professionals’ knowledge shall grow over time.”

Kennedy Saini, President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Zambia

“SVGPA Inc has joined hands with the CPA as one of two national associations within the commonwealth nations to pilot the CPA CPD platform. Since its formation in the early 1980s, the SVGPA Inc has never partnered with an international pharmacy organisation on this level and thus this CPD Platform initiative is a major milestone for this small island nation pharmacy body. The CPD platform has provided a crucial access route to continuing education (CE) content which is being utilised by the SVGPA Inc as a tangible member benefit for active members but also as a recruitment tool to boost membership of the association along with enthusiasm for the organisation. It is seen as an invaluable opportunity for the pharmacy professionals in SVG since our laws are currently being updated to mandate CE credits for yearly relicensing.

I found the content relevant, comprehensive and organised in its flow. Accessing the platform presented no obstacles to registering, sign-in or sign-out. Therefore, the digital interface was user friendly and appealing.”

Colicia Mingo, Chairperson of the Steering Committee, SVGPA Inc member

“It refreshed my knowledge and was up to date…Easy to use platform, delivering great content without taking too much time for busy professionals…Content is just right.”

Rachel Msimuko, Pharmacist and PSZ member

“Just right...Refreshing…Easy to read and understand.”

Francesca Kabonga, Pharmacist and PSZ member

“I would highly recommend this course to my colleagues because it covers most of the basics of antimicrobials. The content was neither simple nor hard, straight to the point and easy to follow and understand hence regardless of my busy schedule I was able to pick it up from where I left it from every time I was logging in.”

Theresa Hassab Pharmacist and PSZ member

“I love how the modules are very simple and informative…I was doing it during my spare time…it is great.”

Cindy Small, Pharmacist and SVGPA Inc member

“I found the course very concise. The platform is very user friendly; easy to navigate. The quiz reflected the course content very accurately…I would recommend it to my colleagues.”

Camille Glasgow Pharmacist and SVGPA Inc member