Education – the theme for Commonwealth Day 2005

Education – the theme for Commonwealth Day 2005

Education – the theme for Commonwealth Day 2005

This year, the theme for Commonwealth Day, 14 March, is “Education: creating
opportunity, realising potential.”

It’s a theme that truly reflects the focus of the Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association

In his Commonwealth Day Statement, Commonwealth Secretary-General Don McKinnon,
said, “Education is the master key that unlocks human potential in every sphere of life. It
is a force for good in the world, and is a powerful tool for economic growth and social

CPA’s strategic plans and activities highlight the need for education in developing
sustainable improvements in health care.

Education of pharmacists and by pharmacists are major goals for CPA according to
President Mrs Grace Allen Young.

The CPA distance learning course “The Management of Drug Supplies” has contributed
significantly to the quality use of medicines in some 30 countries within the
Commonwealth. Mrs Allen Young sstated that CPA activities associated with the
management of malaria, TB and HIV/AIDS, position pharmacists to provide much needed
information and advice to the communities they serve.

“Education brings more than knowledge”, stated Don McKinnon. It gives people power to
change their lives, to contribute positively to the future of their communities and to improve
our world – today and tomorrow.

The full text of the Secretary-General’s Commonwealth Day Statement can be accessed
on the Commonwealth website at

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