CPA’s new Vice Presidents – Nancy Ho (Malaysia) and Mary Anne Ciappara (Malta)

CPA’s new Vice Presidents – Nancy Ho (Malaysia) and Mary Anne Ciappara (Malta)

The newly elected Vice Presidents of the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association were announced at the closing ceremony at our recent conference in Sydney, July 2017. We are delighted to have Nancy Ho from Malaysia, and Mary Anne Ciappara from Malta on board in these roles.

Nancy Ho Statement

I,  Nancy Ho, from Malaysia , who is currently the Regional Representative for Pacific Region in the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association is deeply humbled by the Honour of being the NEWLY ELECTED Vice President of CPA. I graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand on a Colombo Scholarship. I’m really grateful for the opportunity to study in the premier  University and want to contribute in whatever way I can to the development of Pharmacy in the Commonwealth.

I live in Kota Kinabalu , a City in the State of Sabah ( formerly known as North Borneo) in Malaysia. I’ve always played an active role in the  Professional Body such as the Sabah Pharmaceutical Society having served as President for two separate terms as well as the National Body ie the Malaysian   Pharmaceutical Society having served as President for 4 terms over 8 years. I stepped down last year and handed the Baton to the capable Mr Amrahi Buang supported by a high-powered team. One of my GREATEST achievements is to be able to raise sufficient funding for the MPS to have its own 2 adjourning 3-storey blocks as Headquarters. At the same time , MPS has organized some International Conferences one of which was the CPA CONFERENCE in 2009.

My working life includes running a chain of Community Pharmacies and a  Distribution Pharmaceutical Company. I’ ve also served in a Hospital Pharmacy for 5years.

The CPA must Strive to remain relevant in the pharmaceutical World in the Commonwealth. The Common denominator lies in CONTINUING PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT and CAPACITY BUILDING. We must train our professionals to match the changing landscape and Digital Economy. As the ancient proverb says’ If you are planning for year, sow corn. If you are planning for a Decade, plant trees. If you are planning for a lifetime, educate people’ . With the advance in technology, it is critical for Pharmacists to be innovative and good Tehnopreneurs.
The Association must endeavour to use innovative ideas to raise funds because a financially strong Association could embark on many initiatives to advance the  Association and empower its Members. To begin, increasing membership is a good move and CPA is in the right direction. Let us TOGETHER build a committed and passionate team and take CPA to GREATER HEIGHT.

Mary Anne Ciappara Statement

It is an honour and a privilege for me to serve as CPA Vice President.

I graduated in pharmacy from the University of Malta in 1979 and MPhil in Pharmacy Ethics in 1999. I practice as a Managing Pharmacist in  a private community pharmacy and teach Pharmacy Ethics at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta. I  have served CPA as
a member of Council  for over 20 years, and lately as a  member of the Executive  Council  as the Regional Representative   for Europe. I am an elected member of the Executive Council of the Malta Chamber of Pharmacists since 1981, and an elected member of the Pharmacy
Council (1988- present).

Pharmacy in the Commonwealth is facing many challenges. One of the priorities for CPA  is to continue undertaking advocacy and engaging with the health authorities and other stakeholders, to  support and guide individual associations to meet the medicines related needs of the people of the Commonwealth. These needs  include  equitable access to medicines  which are of good qualify, safe, efficacious and affordable; and access to and further advancement of  the pharmaceutical services, whilst ensuring the presence of a pharmacist in a pharmacy at all times the pharmacy is open. These developments contribute to enable the  responsible access and use of medicines and   to empower patients to  make the best use of them, whilst countering the problem of  falsified medicines.

Another priority is for   CPA to  sustain and further develop its initiative to support member associations  in the professional development of their members through  the CPD programme. The CPD programme enables pharmacists to remain competent and to develop services to meet the specific needs of their patients. I would like to contribute proactively to support CPA in the  development  of programme/s to enable pharmacists to tackle ethical issues they come across in their practice.

I am committed to working closely with the President and Executive  Committee Members and the Executive Director  to address the challenges facing pharmacy in the Commonwealth.