Patrons of the CPA

of the CPA

Since becoming an independent charity in 2015, the CPA wholly relies on charitable donations. To help fund our work we are delighted to be able to offer the opportunity for our supporters to become CPA Patrons. To be a Patron costs £15 per month or £165 per year and all Patrons have the opportunity to be featured here, on our new CPA Patrons’ webpage, and will be granted a free CPA membership.

By becoming a CPA Patron you can help ensure that our vital work can continue, allowing us to support pharmacists across the Commonwealth and help them provide the best possible care for their communities.

Meet our Patrons

  • Raymond Anderson,

    Raymond Anderson

  • Rao Vadlamudi,

    Rao Vadlamudi

  • Andrew McLachlan,

    Andrew McLachlan

  • Nancy Ho,

    Nancy Ho

  • Ashok Soni,

    Ashok Soni

  • John Bell,

    John Bell

  • Mahendra Patel,

    Mahendra Patel

  • Roger Odd,

    Roger Odd

  • John Chang,

    John Chang

  • Claire Anderson,

    Claire Anderson

  • Michael Beaman,

    Michael Beaman

For further information on how to become a CPA Patron please contact us