CPA Council Meeting – Abu Dhabi, 23rd September 2019

CPA Council Meeting – Abu Dhabi, 23rd September 2019

For the second year running it was great to be able to host our Council meeting at the FIP Congress, this time in Abu Dhabi. It was good to welcome many familiar faces and to meet new ones too.


Our President, Dr Rao Vadlamudi began the meeting by reflecting on how important the CPA’s mission and agenda is within FIP’s major development goals and he embarked the session with an opening question “what does CPA needs to review in terms of works, developments, projects and changes within the next two years?”.  This was followed by an introduction by Dr Tim Hanlon, CPA’s Treasurer and Trustee around how the CPA works and its development goals.

Dr Amy Chan, Professional Development and Research Lead then gave a presentation outlining the history and vision of the organization – “Empowering pharmacists to improve health and wellbeing throughout the Commonwealth countries”. A progress update followed, and a brainstorming session allowed for an interactive discussion on how he CPA could work best with its members to help empower the profession and improve health and well being in the Commonwealth.

A discussion around a survey on the points that the CPA should endeavour to be included in the advocacy papers from Civil Society at the next Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHoGM) in June 2020 wrapped up the session. Priority areas raised relating to the CHOGM theme headings are summarized below:

ICT and innovation

  • Mobile health

  • Online access to information / resources

  • Access to care

  • CPD

  • Support AMS initiatives


  • Medicines shortage

  • Medicines access

  • Local manufacturing

  • Impact of trade agreements


  • Green pharmacy

  • Disposal –fees / regulation

  • Eco-friendly manufacturing

  • Plastics

Good governance

  • Policies to support pharmacist expanded roles

  • Chief pharmacist roles –govt

  • Clear lines of responsibility

  • Falsified medicines


  • Workforce development

  • Undergraduate curriculum

  • Employment opportunities

  • Mentorship