CPA conference 2009 – Accra, Ghana

CPA conference 2009 – Accra, Ghana

10th CPA Conference, Accra Ghana

In collaboration with The Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana

4 – 8 August 2009

Theme: Managing Threats and Crises – the vital role of pharmacy in an unstable world

The Republic of Ghana has much to offer with a tropical climate, 500 km of Atlantic coastline, 16 national parks and the mighty Volta River feeding the worlds largest man made lake. The National Theatre in Accra will be the venue for the 10th CPA Conference to be hosted by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana.

In a packed, exciting and engaging programme, you will be able to hear the latest research and intelligence about the multiple threats to health and society in the modern world including:

  • Natural disasters and catastrophes
  • Malaria, MDR TB, HIV/AIDS, diabetes
  • Pandemic diseases
  • ADRs, medication errors and hospital infections
  • Lifestyle issues and diseases

There will be reports on the latest developments in pharmacy practice and training and examination of regional threats and priorities as well as an opportunity for Poster Presentations.

You will be able to take part in discussions about the vital contribution pharmacists can make to preventing and managing crises, reducing risks for patients and communities and improving individual and public health.

Apart from a full Conference programme there will be time for you to :

  • meet people in local hospitals or pharmacies as part of the health outreach session, or
  • see the local pharmaceutical industry at first hand, or
  • explore Accra’s lively retail and market scene and vibrant night life or
  • experience the proverbial Ghanaian hospitality by travelling around this peaceful, magical country renowned variously for its sandy beaches, tropical rainforests and Savannah grassland

A series of social and cultural events will introduce you to the rich and colourful culture of Ghana – its people, food, music and generous hospitality. All pharmacists including non- CPA members are cordially invited to attend.

The conference website is available at

We thank you for coming to Ghana

Link to Pharmaceutical Journal’s report on the CPA Conference (PDF)