Commonwealth Pharmacy Day

Commonwealth Pharmacy Day

16 June 2006


The increase in the incidence of persons suffering from chronic non-communicable diseases worldwide suggest that daily medicine-taking will be a lifelong activity for many persons. The appropriate use of the medicines, knowledge of their properties, their costs and availability are therefore significant factors that play an important role in the management of the disease.

After years of study pharmacists are equipped to provide patients, caregivers and other members of the health care team with information on medicines so that the most effective outcomes can be received by persons taking the medicine.
Pharmacists are also able to discern unusual physical properties of packaging and other medicines which may raise the alarm about counterfeit or substandard medicines.

Ask your pharmacist about medicines! This theme is being launched today Commonwealth Pharmacy Day in over 40 countries, to remind patients to obtain relevant information on medicines from their pharmacists. The theme further reminds pharmacists of their stewardship for medicines and duty of care to patients to whom accurate and reliable information must be provided.

Ask your pharmacist about medicines!

E. Grace Allen Young