Commonwealth Partnerships for Antimicrobial Stewardship

Working together to tackle antimicrobial resistance in the Commonwealth

We are delighted to announce the Department of Health through The Fleming Fund is launching a new partnership scheme to support implementation of antimicrobial stewardship activities in 4 low middle income commonwealth countries. In partnership with the Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET), we will be creating new health partnerships in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. These will provide pharmacists, specialists and other health care workers the opportunity to share expertise between participating Commonwealth nations to support steps to tackle the threat of AMR.

Grant call

We will be launching a grant call for partnerships on 31 st  October, that will close on 4th January 2019. The funding available will support multi-disciplinary teams from UK NHS trusts to develop
partnerships with hospital institutions in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia in order to share
learning and develop antimicrobial stewardship initiatives. This health partnership scheme is looking
for multi-disciplinary approaches, that in particular involve/led by pharmacy.

Objectives of the grants:

The partnerships will allow for skills exchange between the UK and host countries on antimicrobial
resistance. This support with focus on:
• antimicrobial stewardship, including surveillance
• infection prevention control
• antimicrobial pharmacy expertise and capacity
• improving knowledge, skills and empowerment of healthcare professionals in partner


Find out more about the events and sign up through the link below.

If you are based outside the UK and working in hospital institutions in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and
Zambia and interested in the scheme, you will need to seek collaboration with an institution in the
UK to discuss partnering on the grant call. If you require further information on this, please do get in
touch with us directly.

Get in touch:

If you’re interested in getting involved and are unable to attend the events but have further
questions please do get in touch.


Link to and share knowledge with individuals and institutions who can provide knowledge, skills and experience in AMS using our expertise sharing platform to support your partnership.

Think you have skills and experience you’re happy to offer Commonwealth Partnerships for Antimicrobial Stewardship? Get in touch with to offer your support and be added to the platform.

Vicky Rutter, Executive Director of CPA, said:

“The CPA are delighted to be partnering with THET for this join initiative, which will see pharmacists taking on key leadership roles in developing effective systems of antimicrobial stewardship in 4 African Commonwealth nations. We are excited at the prospect of working with NHS antimicrobial stewardship teams, who are amongst the best in the world; to partner with colleagues in Africa on a journey of shared learning, united under the common goal of tackling the global health threat that AMR poses to us all.”