Workshop with Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka (PSSL), Colombo October 2016

Workshop with Pharmaceutical Society of Sri Lanka (PSSL), Colombo October 2016

The CPA teamed up with the Collaboration of Australians and Sri Lankans for Pharmacy Practice Education and Research (CASPPER) to run a workshop the day before the CMA conference for the PSSL.

CASPPER have been working with Sri Lanka for 10 years supporting the development of clinical pharmacy through input into the BSc Pharmacy degree, ward based teaching in hospitals and research to demonstrate the impact of pharmacists in the multidisciplinary team on patient care.

We were able to pull together our expertise to give a half-day workshop on medication safety, pharmacovigilance and regulation, communication skills and antimicrobial resistance.




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At the end of the morning session, delegates were given the chance to make a pledge and become an antibiotic guardian, which was very well supported by delegates.

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The afternoon consisted of a closed-door discussion with key opinion leaders in pharmacy in Sri Lanka and the PSSL. This meeting culminated in the drafting of an action plan regarding the current needs of the profession in Sri Lanka and how the CPA and CASPPER can help support these. The main outcomes of this were a request for help in the establishment of a ‘Pharmacy Council’. This was seen as a first step to help enhance could regulation of the profession and the enforcement of regulations relating to the supply of medicines. There was also a request for continuing assistance in developing the workforce by providing support for clinical pharmacy training. PSSL further committed to undertaking a SWOT analysis to add to the evidence for a case for action.