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The CPA, in collaboration with our member organizations, has been working to increase awareness of AMR since July 2016 by widely publicizing through our networks the Antibiotic Guardian initiative that was begun in England to encourage people to commit to better use of antimicrobials.  Antibiotic Guardian Pledges are grounded in the behavior change theory, acting as a driver to improve behaviors around antibiotic prescribing and antibiotic use. Antibiotic Guardian encourages everyone to do something, whether we are healthcare professionals who can think twice before prescribing antibiotics, patients who can ensure that they take medicines correctly or members of the public that will commit to hand hygiene.

CPA Councillors who have pledged:

  • Dr Rao Vadlamudi, CPA President (India)

    Dr Rao Vadlamudi

    CPA President (India)

  • Raymond Anderson, Immediate Past President (Northern Ireland)

    Raymond Anderson

    Immediate Past President (Northern Ireland)

  • Ashok Soni, CPA Treasurer (Great Britain)

    Ashok Soni

    CPA Treasurer (Great Britain)

  • Nancy Ho, CPA Vice President and Regional Representative for the Pacific region (Malaysia)

    Nancy Ho

    CPA Vice President and Regional Representative for the Pacific region (Malaysia)

  • Warren Meek, CPA Councillor (Canada)

    Warren Meek

    CPA Councillor (Canada)

  • Khalid Saeed Bukhari, CPA Councillor (Pakistan)

    Khalid Saeed Bukhari

    CPA Councillor (Pakistan)

  • Dr Nkwenti Achu, CPA Councillor (Cameroon)

    Dr Nkwenti Achu

    CPA Councillor (Cameroon)

Others who have pledged from around the Commonwealth:

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  • Victoria Rutter, CPA Executive Director (Great Britain)

    Victoria Rutter

    CPA Executive Director (Great Britain)

  • Tatiana Hardy, CPA Senior Administrator (Great Britain)

    Tatiana Hardy

    CPA Senior Administrator (Great Britain)

  • Sharon Jobity, Pharmacist (Trinidad & Tobago)

    Sharon Jobity

    Pharmacist (Trinidad & Tobago)

  • Dr Esam Suliman,

    Dr Esam Suliman

  • Gaurav Kumar Sharma, Assistant Professor, Pharmacy (India)

    Gaurav Kumar Sharma

    Assistant Professor, Pharmacy (India)

  • Jayantha Gamhewa, (Sri Lanka)

    Jayantha Gamhewa

    (Sri Lanka)

  • Peter Bai James, (Sierra Leone)

    Peter Bai James

    (Sierra Leone)

  • Subhash C. Mandal,

    Subhash C. Mandal

  • Chetan Reddy,

    Chetan Reddy

  • Md. Rezwanul Islam, Pharmacist (Bangladesh)

    Md. Rezwanul Islam

    Pharmacist (Bangladesh)