Africa Malaria Day 2005

Africa Malaria Day 2005

“Partnering with patients and communities will be essential if we are to realise the benefits of scaling-up malaria control efforts”, says Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association President, Grace Allen Young.

In a message to Commonwealth pharmacists to mark Africa Malaria Day, Mrs Allen Young emphasised the value of establishing partnerships between health care teams and the community, in the fight against malaria. “Pharmacists are in an ideal position to partner with the communities they serve”, said President Allen Young, “they are easily accessible providers of reliable information and advice, not just suppliers of medicines.”

The Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association believes patients themselves are key participants, in collaboration with health care providers, in the promotion of healthconscious choices and behaviours at community level.

With over 70% of first contact malaria treatment in Africa being provided by the private sector, community pharmacists can play a pivotal role in raising community awareness of malaria prevention strategies as well as working with their patients to help ensure compliance with medication treatment. Integrating prevention and care is a guiding principle of the Roll Back Malaria Strategy for expanding health delivery systems to reach communities and households.

Halving the burden of malaria by 2010, the goal of the Roll Back Malaria Partnership, would reduce child mortality, improve maternal health and have significant impact on reducing global poverty.

The Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association is providing campaign materials for members throughout Africa to mark Africa Malaria Day, 25 April 2005.

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