68th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2016 16th-18th December, Visakhapatnam – CPA President’s Report

68th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress 2016 16th-18th December, Visakhapatnam – CPA President’s Report

“Quality Pharmaceuticals and Patient Welfare”

The President and Vice Presidents of CPA attended the 68th IPC in Visakhapatnam meeting friends and colleagues from across India. It was an international conference with many speakers coming from the USA.

The theme centered on Quality, quality in the medication and quality in the service of patients.

In the Presidents address Mr S.V. Veerramani (President of the 68th IPCA) spoke about “Product Quality Systems”, ensuring quality through the whole process of production right through to delivery. He also talked about the role the pharmacist has in ensuring the benefit of the medicine gets to the patient and that there should be no conflict between quality and patient benefit. In fact quality was the responsibility of all stakeholders.

Reference was made by Dr T.V. Narayana of the launch of the Vision 2025 document for the Pharmacy Profession in India at the 67th congress, which laid out the pathway for a greater role for pharmacists in India over the next 10 years.

Over the 3 days there were sessions on areas such as, Medical Technology and Devices, Quality and Regulatory Compliance, Research and Development, and Best Pharmacy Practices. There were also specific sessions for students on Leadership, and a symposium on the role women pharmacists in India have in adding value to the profession. This included presentations on how women are making inroads in the pharma industry, regulatory affairs and how they are impacting pharmacy practice.

There was a full session on “Pharmacists adding value to Patient care in the Commonwealth” where the President of CPA, Raymond Anderson, from the UK and Vice President of CPA, Lorraine Osman, from South Africa spoke on issues such as, Prescribing, Developing a Pharmacy Workforce and Ensuring Safe Systems and Enhancing Medicine Safety. This session was well attended and many of the delegates engaged with the speakers afterwards.

The conference was the largest ever held by the IPA with over 10,000 delegates. Many were students enthusiastic to learn about their chosen profession and wanting to progress their careers, seeking advice on where best to use their newfound skills. It was encouraging to see the energy the delegates had in discussing the issues affecting the profession in India, engaging with colleagues, making new friends and networking across the campus. The profession is developing across India and it was good to see the engagement of so many young people at the conference.

CPA was recognized at the awards dinner held on the 17th evening. This was attended by many senior pharmacists from across India and was a great event at which a number of pharmacists were recognized for their achievements over the past year.

CPA was honored to have been able to contribute to the event and build on the relationship between the Indian Pharmaceutical Association and the Commonwealth Pharmacists Association.

The President and Vice President would like to thank the IPC for their hospitality and generosity during their stay in Visakhapatnam and wish the IPA and IPC every success for the future.

Raymond Anderson
December 2016


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