Make a real difference More than just a book

Make a real difference
More than just a book


  • Raising the profile of the profession
  • Enhancing knowledge and improving practice
  • Building bridges across the healthcare team


PharmAid is the annual re-distribution of recently outdated copies of the British National Formulary to pharmacists, doctors and other allied health professions to lower and middle income Commonwealth countries via our Member Associations.

Up to eight thousand copies of the BNF are collected each year from UK pharmacies and sent abroad. Almost 200,000 copies have been sent to 25 countries since the scheme began making PharmAid a very practical way in which British health professions can make a real difference to the quality of therapeutic care in developing countries.

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Working with AAH Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Help us to
enhance knowledge & improve practice…
build bridges across the healthcare team…
raise the profile of the profession…

…in some of the world’s poorest countries

CPA’s annual collection of BNFs, BNFCs and Martindales will take place W/C 27th  March 2017

Your AAH Driver will collect books that are in good condition and up to 2 editions old.

These are the books we will be accepting this year:

  • BNF71

  • BNF70

  • BNFC15-16(1)

  • Martindale37(1)

Please hand over to your driver, when they come in to deliver

We will also accept BNF 72 if you’ve managed to get your hands on the newly released 73 edition by the time our collection takes place

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If it wasn't for the BNF donations that we get through CPA, the Society would not be known at all. Because each year the BNFs are sent to government hospitals, mission hospitals, training schools and retail pharmacies, the staff get to know about the Pharmaceutical Society of Malawi.

Cynthia Kamtengeni

Past President, Pharmaceutical Society of Malawi

The interaction between CPA members at different fora has boosted professional awareness and competence. The BNF books and other publications have enriched members' knowledge which has had a positive impact on practice.

Yusuf Sembatya

Past Secretary, Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda

A case in point is where the books have helped in dealing with the issue of professional boundaries. Doctors raised the concern that pharmacists are prescribing, whilst the pharmacists contend that doctors are dispensing illegally. The distribution of the books built bridges and confirmed the pharmacists' willingness to work with and cooperate with the medical practitioners.

Sakhile V. Dube-Mwedzi

CPA Councillor, Pharmaceutical Society of Zimbabwe